Enjoy The Holidays With The Convenience Of In-Home Healthcare Services

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Enjoy The Holidays With The Convenience Of In-Home Healthcare Services

What’s not to love about the holidays? Food, family, friends, and festivities all combine into what is most everyone’s favorite time of year. But the truth is that it can also be a time of sadness or depression for people who feel limited by their injuries, mobility issues, speech challenges, or cognitive functioning. For these individuals, the holidays can leave them feeling down in the dumps, seeing all the holiday hustle and bustle around them yet feeling that they can’t fully participate, or even feeling that they are a burden on their families. The convenience of in-home healthcare services and in-home therapy support can make all the difference in lifting the spirits of these patients with the compassion and care of experienced home healthcare providers.

Optimal Mobility For Tree Trimming And Family Gatherings

Perhaps you’ve been selected to host your entire family for dinner, and you want to ensure your mobility is in tip-top shape for hanging ornaments, singing carols, and preparing delicious holiday recipes that have been passed down for generations. In-home physical therapy support can teach you methods of functional movement customized for the activities you perform on a daily basis, right in your own home. Balance work is just as important as mobility, and it is essential to incorporate both into your therapy, especially during the holidays when snow and ice-covered walkways pose a serious threat. Therapists can even work with you on a fitness plan so you don’t have to worry about having that second piece of fruitcake (or that extra glass of eggnog)!

More Time For Errands And Seasonal Activities

If you’re living with an individual who has occupational challenges or needs therapy assistance, the last thing you want is for them to feel left out of the festivities with disruptive trips to remote therapist offices. And as a bonus, home healthcare services leave much more time and flexibility for caregivers to cross off their holiday to-do lists and run errands, without worry about keeping track of offsite therapy appointments.

Quality In-Home Nursing Care

In-home nursing specialists can assist in monitoring daily medications, and can ensure that your diet remains on track during the holidays. Nursing aides can provide guidance on controlling blood sugar, blood pressure, and avoiding potential drug interactions, and will also free up time for caregivers to engage in holiday shopping, meal prep, and other seasonal necessities.

Personalized Support To Prepare For Holiday Happenings

In-home healthcare specialists can adjust therapy accordingly based on things you might be doing differently during the holidays. Maybe you want to work more on upper arm strength (to carry those shopping bags and grand babies), or maybe we need to focus on sensory training if a child is especially sensitive to loud noises and large gatherings. When you seek home healthcare during the holidays, in-home therapists can integrate training right in the environment in which the stressors will likely appear, in order to adequately prepare the patient in a compassionate and caring way.

Compassionate Assistance With Seasonal Challenges

Although the holidays are typically thought of as joyous and exciting, they can also be isolating, stressful, and challenging for many individuals. An in-home social worker can be a much-needed friendly face to individuals or aging patients that don’t have a strong family support system, which can quickly lead to sadness, anxiety, or depression. Or maybe a family is facing financial challenges, wondering how they will be able to afford presents or food to put on the table this holiday season. The burden and mental stress that can result is immeasurable, but a social worker can help identify assistance for families in need through community programs, sources of food, and child gift donation programs.

Keep Your Family Members Safe And Healthy

Even a routine trip to a therapy facility can expose elderly patients, or patients with compromised immune systems, to the dangers of colds, flu, infections, and COVID-19. Exposure to respiratory conditions is especially dangerous in older individuals with weaker lung capacity or pre-existing conditions such as asthma or emphysema. In addition to patient exposure, the patient could unknowingly pass on any viruses or infections to family at holiday gatherings.

Professional Healthcare Services Right In The Comfort Of Your Home

If you find that you or a family member is feeling restrained by injury or illness this holiday season, call the team at K&N Rehab to experience our compassionate in-home healthcare model. Always centered on what is best for each patient, we’ll provide in-home therapy professionals and nursing care specialists to work with you right in your home environment, incorporating the functions you perform daily to create a comprehensive training plan that will put you on the road to recovery.

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